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Welcome to the Official Website for the Village of Paw Paw, IL
Village of Paw Paw, IL Office
PO Box 426, 362 Chicago Road
Paw Paw, IL 61353
(815) 627-2351
Fax (815) 627-3304


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UPDATE: A boil order notice has been issued for Wisconsin Avenue. You will find a red tag on your front door. When the boil order is rescinded, the Village will put a green tag on your door. Once you receive the green notification tag, you will no longer have to boil your water. If you have any questions, please contact 815.627.9234 or 815.627.2351


The water on Wisconsin Avenue has been turned off due to a water leak. We are hoping to have it back on by 3pm today.
When turning on your faucet for the first time, you will have discoloration in the water. Please let the water run and the discoloration will clear itself up.
Thank you for your patience. The Village of Paw Paw



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Paw Paw Village Clerk is working remotely until Jan. 24th
But can answer your calls and emails as usual
For assistance, please call (815) 627-2351
or email


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The siren will blow 3 minutes continuously when there is a TORNADO WARNING AS RELAYED TO US BY LEE COUNTY. However, this is not to be considered the only way to be aware of severe weather. Smartphone apps, S.A.M.E. weather alert systems, TV & radio are all advisable when severe weather threatens. Tornados can develop quickly and without warning, so please do not rely on one single source for information. Once again, we will activate A 3 MINUTE WARNING SIGNAL when a TORNADO WARNING has been issued. The following is a short description of watches & warnings, knowing the difference between the two can prepare individuals for the necessary steps to take when considering the threat of severe weather:
Watches and warnings issued to the public are based on different criteria.
Watches are issued by the NOAA's SPC, and warnings are issued by local offices of the National Weather Service (NWS). A WATCH is issued when conditions are favorable, for example, either for a severe thunderstorm or tornadoes. It doesn't mean severe weather is imminent. WARNINGS mean that severe weather is imminent and is based on specific criteria and existing reports received by the NWS.
We urge everyone to seek shelter when the 3 minute siren sounds, or you have received a warning via other forms of media. Please designate an area of your home or business now in preparation.


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Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do
Move better and feel better
Join us for senior activities, 55 and older
Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 10:30am

Paw Paw Community Center Building 362 Chicago Rd



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Republic is enforcing their pick-up requirements.
Every resident is allowed 1 bulk item per week (no appliances or electronic waste).
If you have more than 1 garbage bag (not in the container) on the ground, they will only pick up one of the bags, they consider the one bag your bulk item, and will leave the rest.
You will need to place all your waste in a garbage can.
If you find that you exceed the garbage can provided, you may order an additional can through their Customer Service department at 815.434.2035.
You will be billed directly through them.

Can be placed in brown biodegradable bags or a plastic/metal container.
Each bag/container must weigh less than 50lbs.
Each bag/container must have a yellow yard waste sticker on it.
These stickers can be purchased at the Village Office.
The stickers are $1.50 each.
Village Office - 815.627.2351

Thank you,
The Village of Paw Paw


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"Small Town Living" magazine featured an article about the Paw Paw Garden Club in their Winter 2020/21 edition!

Click on the above picture to read the article in a PDF


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Paw Paw Public Library District Receives National Grant For Small & Rural Libraries

The Paw Paw Public Library District has been selected as one of 200 libraries to participate in Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries, an American Library Association (ALA) initiative that helps library workers better serve their small and rural communities.

The competitive award comes with a $3,000 grant that will help the library purchase an Early Learning Literacy Station for the youth in its community.

As part of this grant, the library Director will take online courses on how to lead conversations, a skill vital to library work today. The Director will then host conversations with school leaders about the use of grant funds. Libraries are places of lifelong learning, a place to indulge curiosities, access technology and explore new ideas, hobbies and careers. Increasingly, libraries also offer patrons a welcoming space to meet neighbors and discuss issues and ideas.

For more information about this grant go to

"Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) in collaboration with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL)."


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Hello Friends,
The Paw Paw Garden Club members would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and groups for all their hard work this past season to keep our downtown and Village Blooming and Beautiful. Our thanks go out to Mary Mendoza and the Leos Club, Barbara Zeman, Joni Walker and Kelly Znaniecki. Judy Despain, Gary Safranek and Jenny Hendron and Linda Swed. Also thanks to all our Garden Club members, Mary Stuflebeam, Rita Luce, Joyce Bettner, Camilla Boston, Irene Hanson, Pat Cidlik and Joella Cary. Again we appreciate everyone's dedication to our mission of keeping our Village Beautious. Happy Fall.


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Village Dumpster - Please note that the blue dumpster that is behind the community center is NOT for residential/commercial use.
This dumpster is for the community center ONLY.
Recyclable Dumpster - There is a large recyclable bin that is directly behind the community center that is for recyclable refuse only.
The recyclable bin is for all Lee County residents.

Thank you for your attention to the matter.
The Village of Paw Paw


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The Paw Paw Community Center is now open to the public.
The lower level of the community center can be reserved.
Events can be for no more than 10 people with the proper social distancing being adhered to.

(Information changes often, according to current State mitigation strategies - please check back often)

Paw Paw Community Center Building 362 Chicago Rd


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Phase 4: Revitalization

The rate of infection among those tested and the number of patients admitted to the hospital continues to decline.

All gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed, restaurants and bars reopen, travel resumes, child care and schools reopen under guidance from the IDPH.

Face coverings and social distancing are the norm.



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When is a building permit is required
Building permits are required for the following: new roofs (per ordinance only one overlay is allowed); fences; sheds; accessory buildings; remodeling of plumbing/electrical; and new construction.
Building permits are not needed for windows, unless enlarging the size of the windows, and siding.

If you have any questions, please call the Village office at 815.627.2351


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Applications for assistance will now be taken over the phone. Please call: 1.800.323.5434.

Tri County Opportunities Council /LIHEAP Energy Assistance
Even though we are closed to the public due to COVID-19, we are still assisting the public with their gas, electric, propane via mail or email.
Please call the office 815 625 7830 and they will take your mailing address or your email and they will then get the application along with the information of the things needed to go along with the application sent to you.
This goes by income and the number of people in the household.


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Pet Waste
With the nice weather approaching and everyone out walking, the Village is requesting that pet owners please clean up after their dogs on other's property and public property.
No one likes to step in "dog poop."

Thank you,
Village of Paw Paw


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Paw Paw is requesting the help of all its residents to help make Paw Paw beautiful. We are asking that residents please maintain their properties by mowing, weeding, and keeping property clear of debris.
This means not using front yards as driveways or driveways as storage units. We would like people who are visiting our town to know that we are a community that takes PRIDE in their town.
We are also asking to PLEASE remove any junk motor vehicles on your property or parked on the street. A vehicle is considered a junk motor vehicle if it is disabled, does not have a current sticker, this includes trailers, or a vehicle parked for more than ten (10) days.
As of May 1, 2020, the Village will be issuing violations to said violators. If the vehicle is not removed, the Village of Paw Paw WILL HAVE THE VEHICLE TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE.
The Village thanks you for all your help and efforts in this.



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Parking in Paw Paw during Snow Removal

If there is 1 inch or more of snow parking is prohibited on both sides of Chicago Road, commencing at and immediately West of Chapman Street to and including immediately East of Seventh Street

***Please park in the Community Center Parking Lot***
362 Chicago Rd. Paw Paw IL

The prohibition is effective from 2AM to and including 5AM.

Cars will be removed at owner's expense


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The Paw Paw Senior Activities Program is in need of 1-pound hand weights for their exercise program

If you have some 1-lb hand weights you don't use and would like to donate, please drop them off at the Paw Paw, IL Village Office
362 Chicago Road
Paw Paw, IL

M/W/TH/F from 8AM to Noon
Tuesdays from 1:30PM to 6PM





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The Village of Paw Paw would like to GREATLY THANK everyone who helped with the installation of the new playground equipment at Roger's Park.

Danny Allen Justin Hanninen
Gale Barnickel Zac Kern
Walter Barnickel Dean Martin
Tim Brower Ben Schoenholz
Robert Edwards Howard Schoenholz
Jake Fabiszak Matt Schoenholz
Scott Gilmore Steve Sellers (Trustee)
Steve Gilmore Jimmy Smith

The Village would like to also give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Erv Safranek. Without him, this entire project would not have happened.

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The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Paw Paw, Illinois, shall be commenced at 7:00pm at the Village Hall, Paw Paw, Illinois on the following dates:

MAY 13, 2020
JUNE 10, 2020
JULY 8, 2020
AUGUST 12, 2020
OCTOBER 14, 2020
NOVEMBER 11, 2020
DECEMBER 9, 2020
JANUARY 13, 2021
FEBRUARY 10, 2021
MARCH 10, 2021
APRIL 14, 2021
APRIL 28, 2021 Year End Meeting


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Senior Bingo is a monthly event

Always the second Wednesday of the month


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Village of Paw Paw
362 Chicago Rd
Paw Paw, IL 61353

(815) 627-2351


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Paw Paw, IL, has a new website!

The Village of Paw Paw, IL, has created a website to help keep people living in and around Paw Paw informed about news and events in our area. is managed and maintained by Ashton Computer Center, who also manages village websites for Ashton and Franklin Grove. Ashton Computer Center also manages websites for libraries, community organizations, non-profits, churches and businesses.


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